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January 2018 Mexico Monarch Adventure

Registration Now Open!

Join us for a trip of a life time walking with millions of monarch butterflies in their winter roosting sites in Mexico.

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Release Butterflies to make your wedding extraordinary
How to Care for your Butterflies
How to Transfer your Butterflies for a Mass Butterfly Release
How to Warm your Butterflies for Release
How to Line your own Release Box

Info Share-Let's Talk About Butterflies!

Open discussions in real time about raising/breeding/farming topics and also updates from the board.

We meet the 2nd Monday of each month at 8pm EST. It's a open conference call with IBBA members.

For access to the call, please contact Connie Hodsdon.

Topics will be guided by members on the call. Watch the IBBA Mailing List for further details.

IBBA Continuing Education Program.
The IBBA will be providing breeder-specific courses for raising healthy butterflies. Upon completion of a continuing education course, you will be entitled to display the IBBA Continuing Education Seal.

See the IBBA Courses page for details.

Courses are FREE unless stated otherwise.

IBBA Mission Statement!

IBBA’s mission is to promote, educate, and protect the butterfly farming industry through education, sharing of evidence-based rearing methods, conservation, and political action. 

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11/15/16 Board minutes added for April - September
Finance reports for April - September added.

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