Board / Officer Post
Company (where applicable)

Board Term

Mary Bird

Board Member
Michigan Native Butterfly Farm
David Bohlken

Monarchs Forever
Liz Cannedy
Board Member
John Dailey

SkyRiver Butterflies
Connie Hodsdon

Flutterby Gardens of Manatee, Inc.
Darleen Loo McDowell 

Board Member
Sharing the Butterfly Experience
John Wahl

Board Member
A A A Wholesale Butterfly Farm
Keri Wright
Board Member
Farfalla Butterfly Co

Note 1. The election to the 2016 BoD was a slate2. As per the Bylaws, a Vote of Confidence in the new Board was passed by eligible members during the Annual Meeting of Members in January 2016.

Note 2. Slate: If the number of nominees does not exceed the number of available posts, a ballot is not required, but the new Board must be confirmed in a Vote of Confidence by the members.


President: Connie Hodsdon Secretary: Todd Stout
Vice-President: David Bohlken Treasurer: John Dailey

Note 3. Officer posts (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, plus any other officer posts that the Board may wish to appoint) are elected annually by the new board. Existing Officers remain in post until their replacements are elected. Officers must be members in good standing but need not be Directors.

Special Posts


Gloria Brons (non-Board)
Executive Assistant (details)

Liaison to USDA/Regulatory Officials

Dale McClung (non-Board)
Media Contact

Dale McClung (non-Board)
Political Director

John Wahl
Legislative Director

Kathy Marshburn
Membership Services Coordinator

Joan Dailey (non-Board)
Website & List Manager

Paul Chesterfield (non-Board)


Finance Committee:

awaiting details
Regulatory Committee:

John Dailey, David Bohlken, John Wahl,
Connie Hodsdon. 

Conservation and Outreach Committee:

David Bohlken (chair), Rose Franklin, John Dailey.

Convention Committee:

Todd Stout, Connie Hodsdon, Mary Bird.

Education Committee:

Todd Stout (chair), Rose Franklin, Connie Hodsdon,
Mary Bird.

International Outreach Committee:

awaiting details
Website Refresh Committee:

Kathy Marshburn, Rose Franklin, Todd Stout, Mary Bird.

IBBA Advisory Board

Details of the IBBA Advisory Board can be found HERE.

IBBA Board Orientation Package (Version 12/29/06)

Board Orientation PackageThis package provides infomation to new and prospective Board members about the role and responsibilities of being an IBBA Board Member.

Board of Directors History

Click HERE for a record of Board members since 1998.

Contacting the Board of Directors

IBBA Members wishing to submit a suggestion or comment to the Board should use the Board Suggestion Box form. Alternatively, to contact an individual Board member click on their name above.

Other Inquiries

For media and press inquiries, please contact an IBBA Media Contact officer.

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