IBBA Code of Ethics

The IBBA strives to help members stay current with regulations for shipping butterflies for release to the environment. The IBBA website provides a contact list of agencies that may have authority over butterfly permits, shipments and releases. It is the butterfly farmer's responsibility to contact the appropriate agency personnel directly for answers to specific questions. The IBBA will not become involved in providing legal advice or assistance with problem resolution, issues regarding violation of national, state or federal laws, requirements or guidelines.

All IBBA Members are asked to abide by this ethical code.

  • No shipment of butterflies from the wild; hand-reared individuals only.

  • Shipped where regulation permits.

  • When shipping for environmental release, ship only when weather conditions allow for butterfly survival.

  • Ship only healthy, vigorous butterflies.

  • Ship in containers with packing that best protects the butterflies.

  • Supply pertinent instructions as appropriate to insure the wellbeing and safety of the livestock.

International Butterfly Breeders Association, Inc.

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